16 July 2018

5 Beauty Favourites

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Ciate Fierce Flicks Eyeliner || I haven't actually used this as of yet, but I know I will do soon and it looked nice in with this flat lay image haha. I've never actually used eyeliner before as my eyes get really itchy and I would end up looking like a bloody panda in this heat (just the thought of that made me giggle!).

Sleek Makeup Eyeshadow Palette || In this palette I have two favorites that I tend to go for everytime I use it, I use a light matt brown shade first and blend that in well, and then over the top of that I use a little bit of gold colour just to add a bit more of an effect to it. It's a subtle look that suits me well I think, I will have to take a picture of it next time I do it and post to my Instagram stories.

Nars Powder Foundation || I personally have always preferred powder foundations over liquid foundations, mainly because I find my skin tends to go oily really quickly and powder foundations last longer on me. I don't use it everyday especially in this hot weather there's just no point really is there?!

Affect Cosmetics - Matt Effect Loose Rice Powder || I have been using this powder just over the top of my Nars powder foundation if my face starts to look a bit shiny in places, I don't use it over my entire face but mainly on my T-Zone area as I find that's where it gets shiny throughout the day.

Brushes || Everyone has a favourite brush, right? Well, I do haha and these two are my favourite ones to use. I know some people have a specific brush for everything, but I actually don't own that many brushes so yeah I can't do that. These are the two I have been reaching for everytime lately.


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