1 June 2018

Australia Fashion Week Trends

When a country is cut off geographically, it makes it difficult for it's fashion capital to make a connection and an overall impact on the fashion industry as a whole. Hopefully, the incredibly inspired and out of the box collections presented by both prominent and up and coming Australian designers will help change that. of course, a fashion week wouldn't be complete without prominent faces from the industry, as well as fashionistas posing for the streetstyle section, so in order to give you a full and comprehensive insight into Australia trends, we are covering all the bases and providing looks that were spotted on the runways and the streets of Sydney, too.

The talk of the town
Let's begin at the end, as Camilla Franks closed the fashion week not with a fizzle, but with a bang! It's amazing to see that colors are alive and well and that the vibrancy that is expected from Australia in terms of style more than lived up to the expectations. Not only were the dresses perfectly tailored, featuring that immaculate mix of feminine yet sharp cuts, and made even bolder by murkey florals, but the Japanese elements were right on point as well. Still, as not the entire collection washomage to the Japanese culture, we were also graced with gorgeous patterned kimonos, high-slit-floor-length dresses, and splashes of color for days, so it's safe to say that florals, exotic prints and haphazard combinations of vivid colors will definitely be one of the most dominant trends of the season, all splashed with a bit of Japan vibes, just to keep things more interesting.

What a twist
Australian fashion world loves the athleisure trend, and Double Rainbouu gave it more than we bargained for. Aside from the chunky sneakers, Hawaiian print swim shorts, tabloid logo T-shirts (perhaps a critique of the logo culture), bold prints and dark colours were also present. This was definitely one complete and all-encompassing collection. The female swimsuits were surprisingly black, simple and one-piece, which in terms of athleisure makes complete sense. Therefore, if you're ready to ditch colour at the beach, for the time being, embrace the return of black swimsuit. If you can't wait for this collection to come out, brands like Mint Athletic have got you covered both the swimsuit and the athleisure wear pieces.

Red and shiny
Red may be over in the north as it was already the color of fall 2017, but in Australia, things are just starting to cook. One of the most eye-catching looks was the bright and bold red patent trenches presented by Strateas Carlucci. However, the minimalistic spirit of Melbourne was present at the same time runways. It seems that Australian designers have taken a cue from designers from the North, at least judging by the sharp minimalistic wide-shoulder blazers. Yet, unlike their northern counterparts, they didn't seem to bother with trousers, so whether real people will be pairing this with the 'recommended' white tights, or go for something a little less risky, remains to be seen.

True to form
When it comes to the streets of Sydney, the one look that could not escape the eye is the white dress. Whether it was spotted, paired up with a sheer button-up and ugly sneakers, or in it's elegant, breezy ruffled form, the white dress was definitely here. We do know that the rule is "no white after Labor Day", but who cares about the rules when white dresses look this good

The bomber lives on
Well, here's a match we haven't seen before, and this is probably something only the boldest among us could rock - checkered slouchy plaid trousers followed by simple black tops, berets, and then to top it all off, an army bomber jacket and the 'it' specs of the season - the narrow geometric ones. Of course, things would not be complete without the globally popular fanny pack in it's original form. It's a strong look, and many will probably wear it, although probably not the sleek-loving fashion-savvy people.

All suited up
It seems that no one is immune to the suit trend, not even the rebellious Aussies. Many a fashionista was seen and photographed sporting the mighty suit, but they did keep things interesting by opting for patterns instead of single-color ones. Of course, there were a couple of those who were even bolder than the others. They showed off their matching skills by pairing two types of plaid in the same ensemble, which again, isn't anything new on it's own, but it looks to us that it's the nonchalant attitude of your typical Aussie that distinguishes this look and makes it stand out from all other seemingly identical ones.

This is a guest blog post by Claire in Australia

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