21 May 2018

Night Time Skincare Routine

nivea micellar water, simple facial wash, epiduo
I'm not sure if I've ever done one of these blog posts, but I have been doing the same skincare routine for near enough the past 4 months now and have noticed such a big change in my skin that I thought I would share it with you in this post, as I myself love reading these type of posts when it involves products that everyone can afford!

I start doing my skincare routine about 8:30pm and it literally only takes me 10 minutes or up to 20 minutes if I'm in the middle of watching something at the same time haha.

I start off with giving my face a quick cleanse with my trusted Nivea Micellar Water and thoroughly go over my face with this soaked onto some cotton pads, I do this until the cotton pad is coming away clean so maybe 2-3 times at the most. I won't go on about this product too much as I have already written a full blog post on it, which can be found here.

I will then head on down to the bathroom (yes our bathroom is downstairs in our house....annoying!), and I will use my Simple Facial Wash, I was recommended to use this particular one by my doctor as its 100% soap free so that it still gives your face a good clean but also doesn't dry your skin out aswell. My skin always feels really refreshed and clean after using this and it's definitely one that I will be sticking to from now on.

Lastly for skincare I use my Epiduo cream that I have been prescribed for my skin by my doctor, for the first 3 months I had to use this all over my face at night, but now that my skin has reacted well and cleared right up I only need to use it on the places where I can feel a spot coming up and by morning there's hardly anything noticeable there. I use this 3 times a week and then give my skin a break for a few days, just so that my skin doesn't start feeling like cling film like it did in the first 3 months.

Then just before I go to bed I have to take one of my Lymecycline tablets which are also prescribed to me by my doctor, I have been on these for nearly 4 months now aswell and I have noticed such a change in my skin its amazing!


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