16 April 2018

Somethings Got To Change....

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Just lately I have really fallen out of love with blogging, this is mainly down to the fact I don't feel my blogs name is a bit of me anymore, I mean I still love everything to do with what the name relates to but it's just not me anymore....so somethings got to change!

I've already taken little steps to get back into blogging, this being have a completely new layout that is something I would never have usually gone for and now that it's all installed I love the look of it, now I just need to come up with a new name for the blog and then figure out how to change this blog over to the new name.

If anyone has any tips on how best to change blog names without having to start a brand new blog, then please do let me know. If you've already changed your blog name was it hard to do when it came to updating everything related to your blog or was it easy?

I also want to sit down one night and brainstorm some post idea's for the blog, and also work on how I can improve my photography even more for my Instagram account. I literally have so many things I want to achieve with the blog, but when it comes down to it my mind just goes completely blank for some reason and I don't know why!

So hopefully over the next few weeks I can start getting back into blogging on a regular basis again.


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