8 April 2018

April Glossybox: Unboxing

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Karl Lagerfeld & ModelCo - Baked Blush
so this product is a Glossybox early exclusive as the launch date is still yet to be announced, It's a gorgeous baked blush that both brightens and highlights to create a catwalk inspired glow. I've actually got my sister and brother-in-laws 1st anniversary party coming up soon, so I think I will try this product out then to see how it looks.

Eyeko London - Fat Liquid Eyeliner
I will be the first to admit that I'm really not a fan of eyeliner pens, so although this is a decent full sized product for this months box and many will be jumping for joy over this, I will be passing this on to someone else who will get use out of it rather than it just being stored away in a drawer.

Imperial Leather - Unicorn Foamburst
I love these foambursts by Imperial Leather and was really happy to see one one in this months box....and so was my niece as she has already claimed this for herself haha. So it looks like I will be having to head to the shops in search of another one!

Affect Cosmetics - Matt Effect Loose Rice Powder
I have never heard of this brand before so I'm definitely going to be having a look into more of there products aswell as trying out this one. It says it's a perfect makeup setter which instantly absorbs oil and also sets foundation and lipstick without giving the "cakey" look.

Glossybox Angled Brush
I have so many brushes that are similar to this brush, so I may pass this one onto my sister if she needs a new one, I would have liked to have seen another product rather than a brush but I can't really complain when all the other products in this months box were all full sized.

Are you a subscriber of Glossybox?
If you are then did you receive the same or different items in yours?


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