1 March 2018

Monthly Favourites

Dove, Skin Chemists, Mineral Makeover, Sport Fx, Mitchum

This month has been a bit of a weird one when it comes to my monthly favourite, due to the fact I ain't been able to use much on my skin because of the medication that I am now on for the next 3 months. So the few products I have been using I have decided to share with you in my monthly favourites for February.

First up is the moisturiser that I have been using religiously every morning, during the day aswell as of a night time, I have been using this new one from Dove which is a sensitive moisture lotion for babys, at the moment I have the worlds most sensitive skin due to using the epiduo on it of a night time and I find this keeps my skin feeling soft and less dry throughout the entire day, plus you only need a little bit as a little bit really does go a long way!

I have heard so much about this deodorant by Mitchum so when I saw it in Superdrugs for just £1.99 I thought it was the perfect time to test it out, deodorant is something we all use but its very rare that I ever see it in a monthly favourites. I am loving this one at the moment and think I may have now been converted to using only this one in the future.

Next up is the Skin Chemists Aqua Repair Facial Serum, this is brand that I have only just recently discovered by getting this product in my February Glossybox boxes. I've been using this about twice a week of a night time before I go to bed and always wake up with my skin feeling really hydrated, whereas my skin can sometimes start to dry out over the night, definitely want to have a look into some more of there products soon!

Ahh a lipbalm in my monthly favourites is something I best get used to, this cold weather does absolutely nothing for my lips it proper drys them out to the point that I constantly feel like I need a drink. This lipbalm that came on my November Glossybox has really come in useful this past month, I think I have been applying it up to 10 times a day just to keep my lips feeling soft.

Lastly in this months monthly favourites is the mineral makeover powder, I have been loving this stuff for a while now as its a powder that has correctors and concealers to help match your skin tone within minutes and for me helps to correct any redness that may be on my face at that moment in time. I think this is gonna be appearing a lot more on my blog this year and it's going to take alot to beat it for me personally, as it's just something that works perfect for my skin at the moment.


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