5 March 2018

How to Channel the Best Runway Looks from NY Fashion Week

Every year, we are flooded by the imagination of some of the brightest fashion minds, and the previous seasons were no exception – from Alexander Wang’s formidable February finale clad in asymmetrical minimalism, all the way to shining authenticity represented by Michael Kors, we have yet to see the novelty taking charge in the streets.

As we’re waiting for the first rays of spring, it’s time to take another look at our wardrobe and find the missing links. Your look should never completely replace your own fashion philosophy by becoming a bland copy of a supermodel’s signature selection of outfits, but you can derive drops of inspiration from their ingenuity and make your own look stand out even further. Enter: the latest NY Fashion Show and its shimmering stars.

Eckhaus Latta your jeans
As a staple of modern wear, your denim jeans are unlikely to be the boldest piece in your collection, but with the help of the Eckhaus Latta dynamic duo and their unconventional take on all things fashion and beauty, you are about to transform your look completely.

Cutting-edge, yet delightfully vintage, these jeans take simple to a whole new level of fun and unique – think classic, fresh blue paired with high-waisted cuts, and pockets of unusual angles to complete the visual appeal. It’s time to put away the ripped and low-cut jeans, and use this opportunity to make your style scream elegance and comfort without failing to dazzle.

Accessorize your locks
Let’s step away from the usual ways you finalize your look, and instead of your typical layered necklaces and chunky rings, give hair accessories a go. The NY fashion scene was brimming with wraps, bands, massive hats, alluring clips, hence the idea to use your mane to make a statement. Take a hint from Alexander Wang’s star, Cardi B, and her flawless presentation of putting on a headpiece that stole as much spotlight as the thigh-high boots or her power strut. While this is not something everyone could pull off, if you have that chic sass in your existing look, such a statement piece will make it pop even more.

Adorn your feet
Another proof that you can do so much while you change very little is to shift the focus on your feet. Instead of going for the big and bold pieces chosen by top designers, go for a pair of unique ladies shoes with an intriguing ethnic design or some fluff on the toes, and you’re good to go!

Things can be even more interesting when you opt for sandals with platforms, loud, and contrasting tones in design, such as black, green, yellow, and red. What’s more, by adding texture in the form of fur and frill is always an added bonus for personalizing your style.

Get into the street spirit with Pyer Moss
It’s no secret that the world is getting more athletic as we speak, and with such tendencies come new movements in fashion, and open new windows of opportunity for designers to stir the dull waters of monochrome outfits and elevate the gray hoodie to a new level of cool. With names such as Pyer Moss, the direction has gained new meaning as well, since the prejudice-free, empowering looks on the runways have caused quite an ovation you can translate into your own street style passion.

From logoed tees with stitched-in messages to flaunt your beliefs, to Reebok-inspired tracksuits and deliciously oversized scarves, you can make your style more comfort-oriented, superbly cozy, and still powerful with these selected pieces. You can never go wrong with a hoodie, of course, but a colorful track mixed in with classic sneakers gives you that edgy vibe of the latest fashion craze.

Bring back the 80s
We have always liked that fashion makes room for minimalism-oriented “little is more” outfits as well as the “go all out” collections, both of which represent two polarities of the same value: beauty. This upcoming fall will be dressed in both of these extremes, but the latter has seen some significant contributions from Marc Jacobs, Fendi and Tom Ford, among other famous names.

Wondering how you can immerse yourself in all that excess? Layers of color, texture, playing with size, and absolute hairstyle galore! Those headbands (leather in particular) will add to the spirit of this rising trend, and this is your chance to start flaunting some neons if you dare invoke your rebellious self to the surface.

This is a guest blog post by Claire in Australia

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