3 February 2018

How to Style the Same Dress for 5 Different Occasions

A Fashion savvy gal is not, contrary to popular belief, the gal who has to wear something different everyday. It's the gal who sees a plain dress and can immediately think of at least a few ways to style it. This is why the little black dress is staple that dates back all the way to 1920s and Coco Chanel, and why it gave us a lot of iconic moments thought history, like Audrey Hepburn's Givenchy dress in Breakfast at Tiffany's. If you want to be a fashion diva, you've got to know how to work your garments and be versatile, and there's no better item that allows for that sort of practicality than the LBD. Interested in how to make a single dress work for you on multiple occasions? Let us show you.

Family dinner and fun

Family dinners usually call for something demure and elegant, and there's no color more elegant than black. However, you need to bear in mind that wearing all-black can generally wash you out and make you look a little dull, so it's always good to accessorize and add a pop of color here and there to make the outfit more visually appealing. For a dinner party, a simple cardigan in some bright color (yellow, red and pink) will make a good contrast to the dress itself, and you can complete the outfit with a pearl necklace, or a slim chain necklace to give it all a dose of sophistication. Kitten heels or flats are a good show choice, and maybe pull your hair back into a neat, simple bun to keep it out of the way.

Sophisticated at the office

Even a tight, bodycon dress can absolutely be worn at the office and look very professional if you style it right. Grab a well-tailored blazer in soft grey, white or some other neutral color and throw it over the dress - instant change. This goes well with Oxfords or simple low-heeled shoes, and we also suggest a slim belt around your waist and a wristwatch to complete the look.

Wedding joy and style

When it comes to weddings, you really have to take the venue itself into consideration. Take, for example, the Oatlands House, one of the most unique wedding venues in Sydney, and a place that simply breathes vintage architecture and charm. High-class elegance is a safe bet here, but we want to put a little retro twist on it too, to make the outfit more fun. A wide belt around your waist, and some open-toed pumps are a great pick, and perhaps a bolero to cover your shoulders. Hair should be either in a high bun, or have a 60's style to it, and don't forget to incorporate some pops of color here and there (you really don't want to show up to a wedding wearing only black). A lace collar necklace could also be a great detail to add.

Sassy cocktail party

Leave your hair loose and wild, ladies! Strappy, metallic heels, bare shoulders and some bold lipstick are all you need for a cocktail party. Grab a clutch purse to hold your phone, and consider a choker necklace if you want a little hint of edgy in there.

Romantic date

Bring the romance in form of some cute, dangly earrings, and tie a scarf around your neck. For a date, you want the sophistication of a black dress, but you don;t want it to end up looking too serious. Tall boots or red or pink pumps are a great way to look classy and high-fashion, and you should also grab a big, stylish bag to complete the look. Sparkly eyeshadow is optional, but totally encouraged!

See, a single dress and five ways to style it. It's all about utilizing accessories in a clever way, about mixing and matching the old things in your closet to make up new looks. Experiment, have fun, and enjoy your LBD!

This is a guest blog post by Claire in Australia

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