10 February 2018

Dealing With Acne As An Adult...

Epiduo, Lymecycline

For as long as I can remember I have always suffered with some form of acne, some days it would be that bad my face would hurt to even touch, but on other days I wouldn’t even notice it where my skin wasn’t that bad at all. I tried everything going to “get rid of spots” and read up on all different home remedies that were supposedly meant to get rid of them overnight, but still nothing.

It wasn’t until this week that I decided enough was enough, and ended up seeing the doctor to see if there was anything she could prescribe that could potentially help, and this decision wasn’t taken lightly as I only came to this decision after spending so much on skincare products over the years.

My doctor prescribed me two different products to try, which I will be on for 3 months to start with to see how I get on with them. The first is a tablet which I take in the morning and the second is a cream which I have to apply to my face half hour before I go to bed of a night time. I also have to moisturise more of then usual, as the cream can make your skin feel tight and dry within the first 4 weeks.

This medication is in the form of a tablet and is to be taken either in the morning or of a night time, I personally choose to take this in the morning as I take enough tablets of a night time for my headaches and social anxiety. It is quite a big tablet but where I'm so used to big tablets this really didn't bother me and was still easy to take.

This medication is in the form of a cream which you apply to your face once you have washed your face of a night time, it applys just like you would apply a moisturiser, it does have a bit of a "medical" smell to it but it goes once its on your skin (it kinda reminds me of the smell of a hospital). Whilst using this cream though you do have to make sure it doesn't touch your hairline as it apparently can bleach your hair, so I just tend to either french plait my hair or stick it up in a messy bun for the night.

I used to think everyone was constantly looking at me when I was out in public when my acne was playing up bad, I couldn't cover it up with makeup like most people would probably do as that would just make it worse. Since being on this medication though I have seen a drastic improvement in my skin in just a few days and I am loving it, I have taken before pictures of how my skin was before I started this medication and at the end of the 3 months I will take an after picture and will keep doing updates on the blog of how I am coping with the medication.

Have you suffered with acne or maybe you still do, I would love to know your experience with it by either leaving me a comment below or emailing me at claire-joanne@outlook.com - if you would just like a chat with me about your experience I am more than happy to talk through emailing if you prefer to,


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