30 January 2018

January Empties

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Every year I tell myself "no more beauty/skincare products Claire until you've used up what you already have", and 2018 is the year that I am determined to stick to. So throughout each month everything I have used up I'm setting aside in a little basket so I can do one of these posts each month.

The only time I will be repurchasing something, is if it's something I always use on a daily basis and needs to be repurchased again that month. So here goes the items I have used up in January.....

Neutrogena Hydro Boost Water Gel
This was a product that I was actually sent to review and I won't lie this is one of the best water gel moisturisers that I've tried before, I finally managed to use this all up because you really do only need to use a little bit every time. I won't be in a rush to repurchase this though, as I do have quite a few other moisturisers to use up first.

Garnier Micellar Cleansing Water
I did a blog post on this quiet a while ago now saying that I hated it and it left my skin feeling really greasy afterwards, fast forward 1 year later and I no longer hate it haha. I still don't love it but it's something that has been added into my nighttime skincare routine, plus I only pay £1 for the small bottle from Primarks anyway when I do purchase it.

Zoella Snow Bubbly Bubble Bath
I got this in one of of her gift sets when it was in the January Sales, and anyone who knows me will already know that I will never pay full price for any of her stuff, as I think it is way overpriced for what it actual is. I did love the smell of this bubble bath though, but to be honest it's not something I would go out and repurchase as there are other bubble baths that are so much better than this.

Wilkinsons Skin Therapy Moisturiser
This is my everyday go to moisturiser because you only need a little bit and it leaves your skin feeling really soft throughout the day, I've been using this on and off for a few years now and is the one I always seem to go back to. I have also repurchased this again this month aswell.

Wilkinsons Skin Therapy Face Wipes
These have been my go to face wipes for quite a few years now, I actually went through two packs of them this month because I tend to use them both morning and night before washing my face. These ones are the Sensitive Skin Fragrance Free wipes, I have already purchased another two packs of these but this time I am giving the Tea Tree Lightly Fragranced ones a try to see how my skin copes with them.


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