22 January 2018

Essie Gel Nails

Essie Gel Nails
It's been so long since I last done a nail blog post, like a proper nail post showing you what I have been wearing on my nails just lately. It's definitely something I want to do more of this year on my blog as I have such a love of everything to do with nails being a Nail Technician and all...

I love doing acrylic nails on myself and other people but unfortunately I can't do them that often now as the smell of the acrylic monomer starts my headaches off, so I stick to just using false nails from Primark or just painting my own nails which is what I done this week.

Essie Gel Rock The Runway

On my nails this week I have been wearing one of the Gel polishes from Essie in the colour "Rock The Runway", its a gorgeous classic red colour. To achieve the full colour you only need to apply two coats leaving 2 minutes in between each one, then leaving for a further 2 minutes before applying the gel topcoat and making sure to seal the free edge of the nails. Once the gel topcoat is on it really doesn't take long for your nails to dry at all, mine were completely dry within about 5 minutes which I think is really good.....no more smudged nails!

Essie Gel Nails

This is what the colour looks like once it is all fully dried and you can once again do stuff things without smudging your nails haha, and so far it hasn't chipped at all on any of my nails so it definitely does last better than other gel polishes that I have tried in the past.

I can't wait to purchase some more of the gel formula varnishes from Essie (when I can afford to treat myself that is haha)


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