1 December 2017

Gift Guide: Homeware

Guft Guide: Homeware

This is one of my favourite type of gift guides to do at this time of year, I myself love buying little home accessories to add around the home and also the bedroom. It's all the little touches that really make a whole room come together to make it complete.

All of the item's that I am featuring in this blog post are things that I either own or would personally go out and buy them for myself. They are all at affordable prices and will all have links below for you to click through to if you would like to read more about the item,

All these items are available on the Asda Living website:

Copper Letter Rack

I think these set of 3 vases would look perfect placed on top of a shelf or even on top of a fireplace if you have one that is, then maybe have 3 bigger sized artificial flowers running adjacent from big to small. There is so many ways you can use vases these days, and priced at just £14.00 for all 3 I think this is a bargain that is to be had especially if the colours fit with your current colour scheme.

I love this copper letter rack in fact I have something similar to this but its also a clip rack added onto it, this is a perfect alternative to just having letters put onto the table and can sometimes get lost/thrown out. Added to a place near to where you work or near to the front door, you can always be sure to look through any letters/bills that are due to be paid and you'll remember to pay them on time.

Hexagonal Hanging Mirror          Marble-Effect Hanging Sign

Do you know someone who loves the simplest of things with just a dash of colour? If so then this is a definitely one for them, a simple hexagon mirror with a rose gold edge and a chain to hang it up on. This could be used within any colour scheme in the house, or added into a bathroom just to keep things simple and clean looking, I would definitely purchase this myself if I didn't already have enough mirrors up in this house haha

At just £1.50 this could easily just be a little stocking filler or even added into another present, I included this in with this homeware gift guide because I love the saying on it. This would also be something nice to look at everyday just to remind you to stay positive about everything in life, even if sometimes you do ever have one of them days where nothing seems to go right,

Beauty And The Beast Chip Muggirl boss mug

I couldn't not do a homeware gift guide and not include this most sought after Chip mug from Beauty And The Beast, nearly everyone I know is after one but not many people can seem to get there hands on one. I have looked everywhere for one of these and am still yet to find one! So if you can get your hands on one at this time of the year, then be sure to hold on tight to it!

I actually own this mug myself and it really is as pink as it looks in the picture, this mug is the perfect size for any hot chocolate fan as it is big enough to add lots of cream and marshmallows on top aswell. Priced at just £3.00 it looks more expensive than what your actually paying for it, so it would make the perfect Christmas present for someone.


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