6 December 2017

Every Fashionista's Guide Through December

Photo by Toa Heftiba on Unsplash

It's that time of the year once again, and we need to brace ourselves, and hold tight to layers of toasty clothes - because, in the next several months, things will only get chillier by the minute! And I have to say, it's no easy task to stay at the very top of your fashion aspirations when the weather won't let you wear your favourite sandals for your own birthday.

But, there are many handy ways that can not only help you survive, but actually thrive through this gloomy season. So, let's take a look at a few tried and tested style hacks to help us all fashion through this cold December with flair!

Break The Office Humdrum

If we are to believe anything fashion designers have told us (and why not?), then it's time to get just a smidgen more relaxed with our office dress-codes with the help of athleisure. Now, it would be too extreme to wear your gym tights as a bank manager, but the latest designs have taken these sporty items to a new level of classy.

Tory Burch has given the world one of the very first office-friendly, but sporty combos, but many designers are quick to follow. For instance, those stylish, comfy sweaters borrowed from tennis have become all the craze, and they are perfect for winter, while sports bras, leggings designed like pants and various types of beanies have become irreplaceable.

Treat Yourself To A Shopping Spree

But before you do, hurry up and commit to a slightly overdue, or pheraps a super early spring cleaning session, so that you can get rid of all the outdated items you'd never wear again, as well as those that don't fit any more. It's time to boost your mood and your style with a few carefully chosen pieces!

But don't go to your shopping adventure without a proper battle plan - you need to think about which particular items you'd like to get, where you can find them, and how you plan to wear them. This season is brimming with beautiful haute jeans, over-the-knee boots and sweater-dresses, but also some glam makeup and a whole new range of oversized sweaters for toasty winter nights.

Make Everyday Routine Unique Again
Photo by Brigitte Tohm on Unsplash

The fact that you're going to the store to pick up some groceries or you're just heading out to walk your pooch shouldn't stop you from flaunting some fashionable imagination. Since the weather isn't all that friendly, you can make it more so with the help of fun colour-schemes, colour-blocking, interesting floral patterns (which are still in full swing), and bright or pastel items.

A multi-coloured scarf can completely alter the way your monotonous pants and shirt look on you, while you can fun up your jeans with some interesting patches, and combine them with a size too big turtleneck, red lips and rainbow-hues earrings, and you're good to go! All it takes is some creative freedom to improve the appearance of your existing wardrobe.

Set Up Stylish Surprises
Photo by Sharon Garcia on Unsplash

Nothing breaks the morose spell of winter months quite like a fun evening with your besties. Set up some of your favourite tunes, bites, and bring your talents with you, and dedicate a portion of the evening to a gift exchange.

Surprise each other with a new pair of shades in preparation for the summer, or stylish swimwear for the next exotic trip, and you'll instantly find yourselves in a better mood! Since summer is still far away, you can at least create a summerish moos with your friends, enjoy some Pina Coladas, plan your summer holiday and have tons of fashionable fun.

Spruce Up Your Evening Wear

Getting into your party mode is no easy task when winter arrives, so once again, you need to use your little grey cells in order to create a stunning ensemble worthy of a nightclub or a classy restaurant outing. Try the ombre lip trend, or go all out and get a glitzy dress worthy of the 80's, you won't e disappointed.

Couch florals and patchy folk prints are hot off the runways, and you can also use texture to embellish your look further - so don't shy away from that feathery dress or those flared pants with a  touch of fringe, and treat colour as your best friend, because a vibrant palette can make even the dullest winter day a fashionista's inspiration.

This is a guest blog post by Claire in Australia

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