23 December 2017

Essie Advent Calender - Days 1-8

I love an advent calender as much as everybody else does and usually I just get myself a normal chocolate one, over the past few months though after seeing this Essie advent calender which was priced at £80, I knew I wanted it but just couldn't justify paying that much for it! Then I was browsing Facebook as you do and someone posted into a group that this had gone down to just £10, it was out of stock online so my mum managed to get it for me in a Superdrug store whilst she was out.

So I thought I would share with you what is inside the Essie Advent Calender:

Days 1-4
Essie Days 1-4

Day 1 - Essie: Fishnet Stockings
Day 2 - Essie: Cocktail Bling
Day 3 - Essie: In The Mood Ring
Day 4 - Essie Glass Nail File

Days 5-8
Essie Days 5-8

Day 5 - Essie: Clarifying Nail Polish Remover
Day 6 - Essie: Licorice
Day 7 - Essie: Mink Muffs
Day 8 - Essie: Tart Deco


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