3 November 2017

November Goals!

November Goals
November Goals

This month there is so much that I want to get done, that I decided if I made a "November Goals" blog post then I need to get it done because it's written down haha. I have also been lacking so much motivation this past week or so, that I need to sort myself out!

So here are my 6 goals for this month:

- Go back to Newport for the day
The day I moved back to London, I always said that one day I will go back to Newport for the day to visit our neighbour and her 3 kids. I also want to go over to Cwmbran to go to a few of the shops that we don't have where I now live, Home Bargains is gonna get some money out of me on there candles and also Tiger aswell! They are the 2 shops that I do miss not having just down the road anymore.

- Read a book
I went from reading a book every single month, to not even being able to get through 1 book, I'm currently trying to read "Wilde Like Me" by Louise Pentland but so far I have only managed 4 chapters of it. So I definitely want to try and finish this book by the end of  November!

- Publish at least 6 blog posts
I have been slacking on the blog post's just lately, the past month I accepted guest posts from someone who does them regularly on my blog and I was also lucky enough to get my first ever paid blog post in October aswell which was a big thing for me! I definitely want to get at least 6 blog posts published in November and then hopefully blog everyday in December, that is my plan anyway so let's see if I can do this.

- Netflix
I want to finish watching "13 Reason's Why" and also "Vampire Diaries this month, I seem to go through stages of watching loads of stuff on Netflix and then months where I don't even put it on haha. If you can recommend any good shows to watch on there, then please do let me know in the comment section below.

- Digital Photography Course
So far I have passed 7 out of the 9 assignments for this course, I am currently working on Assignment 8 and I am learning so much through this course. I think this is also why I am slacking with the blog post's aswell, because I am trying so hard to get this course finished with by the end of the year. I am going to try to do Assignment 8 aswell as the final part by the end of November aswell, I'm giving myself so much to do ain't I haha!

- Go On More Walks
A couple of week's ago we took our dog to a new place where we haven't walked her before, it was in a woodland area and it looked all closed in, but after walking down the little path it was really open and just lovely! The main picture on this blog post is what I took when we got there, it was just really quiet and peaceful, so I really want to try and find more places like that this month.


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