30 October 2017

Seoul Fashion Weeks Vibes

After the splash of vibrant outfits that came out of the European and the US fashion shows, it’s hard to imagine the level of ingenuity it would take for a city to bring something new and fresh to the table. And yet, Seoul has at least a few pzazz-rich trends that will rock your world, and several other bold ideas perfect for the upcoming season. Let’s see just how this South Korea’s fashion capital has reinvented the meaning of fabulous!

Androgyny 101

We all know that most, if not all, stores have their “men” and “women” section clearly outlined from the very entrance. But Soul’s own cleverly named Blindness by Shin Kyu-yong and Park Ji-sun has become famous for many things, but not for the lack of vision. Despite the fact that spring was its official fashion debut, the fluid selection of genderless pieces has echoed around the world in a matter of days.
In a country where conservative is conventional, brands such as this one are slowly transforming the meaning of modern style, and they do so with flair! Boasting a slew of lace-decorated and pearl-adorned garments, along with dramatic jackets and head masks, they’ve used all of their creative wit to outsmart persistent gender norms. They’ve presented a whole new reality of beauty and fashion that bears neither feminine nor masculine marks, and yet remains so universally irresistible.
Leather All Around
Punk seems to be the street preference in Seoul, which was apparent through ample use of chains, studs, piercings of all sorts, followed by a rainbow palette for hairstyles, and edgy undercuts mixed with the smoky eye and the scarlet lip. And what goes so undeniably well with this ensemble? Leather, of course!
And when combined with the well-known K-pop culture, Seoul gave birth to a K-punk trend that is now rapidly winning over the hearts of fashion lovers everywhere. Celebs and models alike flaunted their worn and torn fishnets, Doc Marten boots and above all, leather jackets in all shapes, sizes and colors. With or without patchwork, lime yellow and green, deep black or neon David Bowie-inspired purple – leather biker jackets were the personification of Seoul cool.
Accessories Matter
Just when you think that your tartan pants or your oversized bomber will do the talkin’, a pair of seemingly subtle pink-tinted shades walk buy and steal your thunder. That’s precisely what Seoul was going for, a detail that manages to be the loudest, most prominent item in your outfit, without even having to resemble a disco ball.
You can easily achieve the same level of sophisticated peacockery with the help of a street-friendly bag by Urban Originals, or a pair of your old Converse sneakers. They may seem too ordinary to serve such a purpose, but wear them with a full scarlet outfit, or your ripped jeans and a clean white shirt, and you’ll take your look to the Seoul level of bold.
Feminine Lace
Loud and proud was the dominant motif of the South Korean fashionable heart, but the spotlight was also stolen by J Koo’s playful selection of lacy asymmetry. Reminiscent of the Victorian era and daringly different from the predominant directions of the show, this was a refreshing mixture of soft and clean tones, mostly pearly whites, pure black and a touch of blush, all in the sheer look of lace.
Worn with leather ankle boots or those pure white street sneakers we all have in our closets, these deconstructed dresses present a blend that brings together the rebellious spirit of Seoul’s rising fashion, and its appreciation of timeless beauty.
Massive and Bold
Although that notion of gender-free designs was perhaps the greatest innovation that has come out of Seoul for this season, its “one size fits all” spirit is also reflected in the designers’ love for all things oversized, bulky and comfortable. We’re talking bomber jackets like you’ve never seen them before, faux fur coats in various shades all the way to the floor and shirts and hoodies all the way to your knees.
But these aren’t just comfy, but flashy and crafty as well – they come in all textures, with ruffles, studs, in glam glitter and sleek plush, and they don’t skimp on the color, either. Next time you go shopping for your aviator or a bomber, look for the loudest, most K-pop one you can find, and you’ll be wearing a bit of Seoul for the duration of the cold season ahead!

This is a guest blog post by Claire in Australia


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