26 October 2017

Personalised iPhone Case

personalised iPhone case

I have been on the lookout for a personalised iPhone case for a while now, but could never find one that I liked the look of or one that wasn't too over the top in colours. I guess I was just looking in all the wrong places e.g eBay, until now when I had a look on Etsy!

It was only when I was looking for a new blog layout that I happened to come across TiritaCase on Etsy, and found the really affordable personalised cases that they do. All there cases are priced at £5.99 with free shipping, and there is a variety of cases available so there really is something for everyone.

iPhone Case

As you can see I purchased one with a white marble effect background, with silver glitter hearts over it and then my name printed on the bottom of it....well it's my nickname and what all my niece's and nephew's call me!

I love the fact that it's not proper glitter on the back of the case and that is just a printed glitter heart, as there is nothing worse than picking something up and getting covered in glitter. Although saying that you ain't seen my bedroom wall [I have a silver glitter wall] and it gets everywhere!

iPhone 7 Plus Case

I can't wait to purchase a few more of these cases, I think the next one will be a black design so that it fits perfectly with my iPhone colour. Although I can see me using this one for quite a while as I love the design of it, and usually I get bored of a phone case after about a week haha.


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