20 September 2017

Keeping It Simple

Just lately I have really been loving wearing simple necklaces and also layered necklaces, I have never really been a "chunky necklace" kind of person my necklaces have to be kept simple with just one small pendant on if it's just one necklace, or if it's a layered necklace then the chains all have to be the thin kind.

Firstly I will show you the 2 necklaces that I have been wearing all the time just lately, alternating them to style whatever outfit I'm wearing that day. I will then share with you a couple of necklaces that I'm loving the look of over on Lyst.co.uk and hoping to purchase some time soon.

Primark Layered Necklace
The first necklace I've been wearing is this 3 layered necklace, all 3 layers of the necklace have this thin gold chain. The first necklace is just a plain and simple chain and is the smallest of the three, and the second and third necklace both have these little coin pendants on and are kept really simple. If I remember correctly I picked this one up in Primarks a few weeks ago now, I can't remember exactly how much I paid for this one but it was defintley under the £5 mark.

Simple Small Necklace
The second necklace that I've been loving is just this simple gold necklace that has a tiny little diamante ball on. I find this pairs nicely with just a plain t-shirt just to add that little bit of extra detailing to an outfit. I've no idea where this one is from as it was a little thank you gift from someone.

Before I share with you the next 4 necklaces that I'm hoping to purchase soon from Lyst.co.uk, let me share with you a little bit about this website if you haven't already heard of it:

What Is Lyst.co.uk
Lyst.co.uk is a website that has everything fashion related that you will ever find yourself needing all in one place. They have a wide selection for both women and men, everything from clothing, accessories and right down to shoes aswell as other items. It's definitely a website I will find myself going back to time and time again!

Summer Nights Choker

 1 - Summer Nights Choker
This choker style necklace is gorgeous, it's got such a simple heart design which I am obsessed with at the moment which you have probably already realised by now. This is at such an affordable price at just £19.15 aswell.

2 - Kate Spade - One In A Million
Letter pendant necklaces have always been a favourite of mine, as I'm a fan of anything that is personalised and has my initial on. The gold pendant with just a simple "C" engraved is exactly how I like my necklaces to be - this necklace comes in all letters available - it is a bit on the pricey side at £45.28. At that price though you just know it's going to be good quality.

3 - Astrid & Miyu Horseshoe Choker
This is another choker styled necklace except the difference with this one is it has 2 different length chains on it. The smaller length chain has this horseshoe style pendant on, and the longer length chain has a tiny gold star added to it. Even though it is priced at £89, I am in love with it and kind of need it in my life haha.

4 - Gold Plated Pisces Necklace
This necklace is just me all over, it's literally screaming at me to buy it haha. The little fish is just so adorable and with Pisces being my star sign aswell, it just makes me love it even more. It is also at a really affordable price of just £15.00

All title's of the necklaces are clickable links, and will take you straight to the necklaces websites.
Also if you would like to have a look around on Lyst you can do so by clicking here: Lyst.co.uk


*this is a paid blog post, but all opinions are my own*

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