9 September 2017

How I Edit My Instagram Pictures!

Instagram Edit
I have really been trying hard to work on my Instagram just lately, and trying to grow my audience on there aswell. I first decided on how I wanted my Instagram account to look and also got some inspiration from a few of my favourite accounts, and decided I wanted a clean white theme for mine and started going about this by slowing upping my photography game and what I actually posted on there.

All of my photo's are usually taken on my iPhone 7 Plus and only edited using 2 apps on my iPhone, and I make sure to stick to the same edits on every photo so that they all have the same brightness on them. The 2 apps I use are VSCO and Color Story - I used to always use Facetune aswell to whiten the background of my pictures, but I find that I no longer need to do this now so I no longer use that app.

So starting off with VSCO:

Filter: HB2 +1.0
Exposure +1.0
Contrast +1.0
Temperature -1.1

Then save your picture into your camera roll, and move on with the next step.

Then moving onto Color Story:

Filter: Carrie 100%
Sharpen 29%
(the Carrie filter is in the "flashes of delight" package)

And then there you have it, that's how I edit my Instagram pictures!
This is my first time editing videos into my blog posts, and I can't figure out how to make them bigger haha. So if you know how I do that then please do let me know!

Before And After


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