12 August 2017

Spray On Nails: Yes or No?

Eterluxe Spray On Nails

I recently purchased a can of spray on nails as I had head so many good things about these, that I just knew I wanted to give them a try to see if they really are as good as everyone says they are.

I so wanted to love this product, as being a nail technician when it comes to painting my own nails this product would have made my life so much easier haha. I done exactly what the instructions said to do, by applying the base coat first and allowing it to air dry for 3 minutes, I then sprayed the first coat of colour onto my nails and let that air dry for another 4 minutes.

Spray On Nails

Straight away I could see it going all bubbly on my nails but I just thought it would sort itself out as it was drying and also once the second coat of colour went on and then the top coat to finish it off. As soon as the second spray of colour went on it just made the bubbles worse than before! These pictures don't make the nails look as bad as they actually were.

Straight after I took the photos for this blog post I took this colour straight off of my nails, and i don't think I will be using spray on nails again!

Have you used spray on nails before, if yes what did you think of them?


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