18 August 2017

From Summer Trends To Signature Look

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One of the best things about fashion is how immersed you can get in the world of colours, textures and fabrics. There's nothing like walking down the street, dressed to the nines, and knowing you're drawing everyone's attention because you look amazing. Following trends is fun, it's a way to learn even more about fashion, a way to take care of your appearance. However, trendy things are hardly going to be unique, so you're left with a bit of an issue - what to wear if you want to be in vogue, but still stand out? Well, to help you out, we've taken some of this summer's most prominent trends and put a little twist on it.


From bathing suits to dresses, this classic print is becoming increasingly more present on the streets. It's an easy print to pull off, but how do you make it interesting for this summer? Well, paring a strappy gingham top with denim shorts is hardly creative, however this is where accessorizing comes in. Take this average outfit and slap on a straw hat, some round sunglasses and a thin choker necklace. From basic to chic in under a minute. Or, why not try a bright red gingham pencil skirt paired with a pink blouse and some huge red earrings? White sandals to match, and you'll be looking elegant regardless of the occasion.

Off The Shoulder
Off The Shoulder
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One of the most popular trends for this summer, it seems like everyone's sporting an off the shoulder dress these days. Certainly one of the most beautiful styles to rock, it can be made even more interesting by matching it with a colourful print, or maybe something lacy for a touch of romance. A cute off the shoulder gypsy top paired with something simple like flared jeans, or culottes can give you that boho vibe that is also very in this season. If you prefer dresses, pick something with an interesting print and rely on minimal accessories to complete the look.

Summer Athleisure
Summer Athleisure
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Absolutely one of the best trends in fashion, it started a while ago and it's still going strong. Athleisure is a response to all designers who think that uncomfortable outfits for women are the standard. Well, now we get to be both comfortable and stylish as we go about our day, and it's a trend that every busy woman is bound to appreciate. If you want a work-appropriate look, you can find a cute bomber jacket and wear it instead of your blazer, and for more of an everyday look, update your crop tops with loose maxi skirts, or wear your spandex leggings silky tunics and blouses. The point is, you can mix and match styles to create something unique.

Statement Trousers
Statement Trousers
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From your average girl on the street to Gigi Hadid, this year shows us that trousers are no longer just a background to a pretty shirt. Now they're pulling the focus and instead of slapping some on as an afterthought, you should pick something bold, something that stands out in the crown. Huge bell bottoms and wild prints, find the trousers that suit your figure and then match them with basic shirts and crop tops to make them stand out. Why not find something with a pin stripe print? It will elongate your figure and turn you into a statuesque stunner. Keep this look simple, but use makeup to give it a touch of glamour. Bright coral lipstick will go great with navy trousers and if you add a hint of gold jewellery you'll look like a straight up fashion diva.

Trends aren't here to make you nervous as you scramble for a way to follow them. They're here just to inspire you and make your life more fun. If you aren't having fun with fashion, then what's the point of it? Don't be afraid to make bold choices. If you dare to experiment and put your own twists and ideas into your outfits, you'll be a lot more stylish than if you just copy what you see on the runway.

This is a guest blog post by Claire in Australia

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