12 July 2017

Superdrug Beauty Haul

Superdrug Beauty Haul

I recently did a little bit of online shopping whilst getting some bits for my oldest niece's birthday next month and decided to take advantage of the 3 for 2 deal on the Superdrug website.

It would of been rude not to take advantage of it now wouldn't it?!
So I thought I would share with all some pictures of what I actually got.

How gorgeous is this highlighter, it almost looks too pretty to want to mark it by using it. I use a tiny bit of this just above the cheekbone and under the eyebrow just to give a nice little shine when the light hits your face in a particular way. I definitely want to purchase some more of the other ones like this, as at just £3.00 they are really affordable prices. 

This is the one product I'm really regretting buying, I tried it out the other day and after 1 tiny stroke on your eyebrow there's nothing left on the brush! Also something else I'm a bit confused about, is when you take the brush part out in the top of the lid there is like a little rattling ball inside....I thought that would of been in the actual powder part of this and not the top of the brush lol. 

I tried this out for the first time a few days ago, and I actually like this eyebrow pencil and the fact that its dual ended so it's got the pencil on one end and a tiny brush on the other end, and who doesn't like a 2in1 product. After a bit more practice with this hopefully I will get a decent shape to my eyebrows!

These 3 lipsticks I chose to go with part of my niece's birthday presents as I thought she would like them, as shes at that age now where she does like makeup every now and then. So hopefully she will like these, and at just £1.00 each I think it's quite a bargain!

I saw this one and the colour really reminded me of a lip balm that I've had before that I liked, whether I will keep this for myself or end up giving it to my niece with the other three I'm not sure just yet.

I did also purchase 2 brushes which were:


But I forgot to include these in with the picture's and didn't realise until I was coming to the end of writing this post, I will post a picture of them up on Instagram this week though.

If like me you do like a good bargain, on the Superdrug website at the moment these "Zoella Best Chum" purses are selling for just £1.49 for the set! I also picked up these for my niece's birthday present aswell!


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