27 July 2017

Sharing My Face Mask Stash!

Face Masks

Every now and then I love to give myself a bit of pampering by doing a nice face mask and just chill out in front of the TV whilst catching up on some of the programmes that I have got recorded on my Sky+ box in the bedroom.

I didn't realise though just how many face masks I had until I had a good clear out of my whole bedroom yesterday. I have 8 different face mask or 9 even if you include that one that always stays in the bathroom what is currently being used.

face masks

So for today's blog post I thought I would share with you my face mask stash and as you can see I have a variety of different ones that I do need to start using again soon! Also trying to come up with a blog title for this post was hard as my mind kept going blank haha.

Simple - Boots - Proactiv+

Simple Deep Cleansing Face Mask - £3.99 : This is by far my favourite face mask that I've tried, it only needs to be left on the skin for 3 minutes before being washed off with warm water. It always leaves my face feeling really soft and clean. This is the one that currently takes place in my bathroom and I also have a spare tube for when my other one runs out.
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Proactiv+ Skin Purifying Mask - £19.99 : I'm not a fan of this one in the slightest bit, so I'm unsure as to why I have even still got it! All of the Proactiv+ products make my skin break out really bad, I got this mask in the 30 Day 3 Step Core System for £19.99 (click the link above to check it out), but on it's own I think its £24.99.

Boots Tea Tree Witch Hazel With Active Charcoal - £3.99 : I'm still a big fan of this face mask but I just don't use it as often as I used to. I use this one mainly if my skin is starting to break out as it draws out and impurities and rebalances the facial oil.
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7th Heaven - Superdrug - Caudalie

These next 4 face masks I can't really say whether they are good or not as I have still yet to try them, I think I'm gonna try the 7th Heaven Cucumber Peel-Off (£1.00) over the weekend though as I really like the sound of that one.
The 7th Heaven brand ones are from Wilkinsons and cost just £1.00 for one time only use, I think the White Chocolate Mousse Mask is from Superdrugs but I couldn't find a link to it anywhere. Lastly the Caudalie Instant Detox Mask is just a little sample that came out of a magazine, but I'm really looking forward to trying this one!

Loreal Pure Clay Purity Mask

Loreal Pure Clay Purity Mask - £5.99 : I wouldn't say this one is a favourite face mask of mine but its an ok mask which does the job its meant to do. Again it leaves your skin feeling really soft and also mattifies the skin which is always good. I may even pass this one on to my sister to try out as I don't use it often enough to keep it.
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Have you tried any of these face masks?
If so what were your thoughts on them?


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