6 July 2017

NOTW: Nail Of The Week

Tanya Burr - Mini Marshmallows

First up let me just say that I am totally in love with this nail colour at the moment!
I own quite a few of the nail polishes by Tanya Burr, but most of them are in the old packaging style.

But this is by far my favourite that I recently picked up, and the fact that it only cost me 50p when I got to the till was even better. It was priced up at £2.50 on the shelves, but went through at 50p when the lady scanned it which was a bonus and a £2.00 saving for me.

This nail polish is in the colour "Mini Marshmallows" and is a gorgeous light pink that is perfect for this nice sunny weather we have been getting just lately.

Tanya Burr - Mini Marshmallows

I only done 2 coats of this pink on my nails, but I think with 3 coats it would of given more of the full colour. Although with just 2 coats on my nails I'm loving it, as a sheer light pink colour is not something I wear on my nails that often.

The name "Mini Marshmallows" is very fitting for the colour as it really does remind me of little marshmallows when its on your nails haha (you know the bags of white and pink mini marshmallows you can buy for hot chocolate) the little pink ones of them I'm talking about lol.

Mini Marshmallows

As always I finish off my nails with a quick spritz of my Avon Liquid Freeze Spray, to dry my nails quickly so I can get one with doing other stuff without having to worry about my nails smudging.


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