10 July 2017

iPhone Photo Diary #6

iPhone Photo Diary

Looking through my iPhone photo's this month to start this blog post off, and I hardly had anything good on there...well good enough to share anyway!

So this month instead of sharing 8 pictures with you, I've decided to share just the 5 pictures instead.

Chip Purse Strawberry & Honey Popcorn Swans & Cygnets

 1 - Chip Purse

I was legit beginning to think that these Chip purses in Primark were impossible to get hold of, that was until I found out my local primark had a load of them in stock....think they sold out again within a day! I was luck enough to get hold of one, as it was only 1 per customer and mine now hold all my hairbands in. As I personally can't ever see me using it as a actual purse lol.

2 - Strawberry Popcorn with a hint of Honey

How have I never tried this before until last month, it is so nice and definitely a firm food favourite of mine at the moment. I would of liked there to be more of a honey taste to it, but paired with the Strawberry it does goes really well together. If you haven't tried it before I would highly recommend it if you like popcorn that is.

3 - Swan and her Cygnets

At our local Morrisons, these swans are always walking about outside near the cash machines, but on this particular day they had brought there little baby's along with them and were being fed pieces of bread.

Louise Pentland - Wilde Like Me Shadow

4 - Wilde Like Me

I can't wait to start reading this book by Louise Pentland, I pre-ordered it before it was released so that I could get the signed copy of it. I have a feeling though that this is gonna be one of those books that you can't put down once you start reading it.
Have any of you read this book yet? If so what did you think of it?

5 - Shadow/Blog Photos

This is what usually happens when I try to take any sort of photo for my blog, Shadow has to be in on everything and literally lives up to her name. She's my little shadow who follows me everywhere which I love, cause over a year ago she was scared of everyone and everything and now shes like a completely different cat altogether.


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