3 July 2017

5 Ways To Create A Unique Beach Style

Bring out your beach bod, put on your favourite swimwear, spice it up with some fancy details and head to your nearest beach – it’s time to shine, ladies! There are so many fun ways to show off your figure and strut those curves during this summer, and while you’re basking in the sun for that tan, you can also look and feel gorgeous. The beach awaits, let’s think up your seaside style!

1- Headwear Heat
Sometimes your classic black bikini is not the main course, but what you use as your headwear can make your look pop in an instant. Fedoras are a big hit for this summer, even on the streets, and especially for those who like a classy look. The traditional wide-rimmed sun hat goes with pretty much anything, while a sporty cap will do wonders for a rebel!
Straw hats, floppy or firm, can be very cute and practical, but if you want yours to stand out, pick one with a unique embroidered pattern, a few words or a fun pattern. Panama hats are also a huge hit this summer, and since they’re an all-time classic, you can even wear it on your night out after the sizzling beach time.

2 - Scarves For Every Occasion

Loosely floating around your hips, revealing your gorgeous gams or just gently covering your shoulders from the sun – scarves are every girl’s must-have. Those high-waisted shorts swims with a mismatched, strapless top can be wonderfully complemented by a well-chosen, delicate scarf.

Single-hued go well with stripes and other vivid patterns for your swimwear, while transparent colourful ones can help you add an exotic touch to an otherwise plain choice such as a navy-blue one piece. Those lengthy scarves can even serve as an improvised dress, all you need to find is your favourite way to tie it around your chest or shoulders.
3 - Mismatched

This is the summer of asymmetry and unconventional trends, hence the rising number of ladies who proudly mix and match their swimwear collection for a different look every day. A strapless pink top and a black shorts bottom, a patterned bikini bottom and a knitted single-coloured top, you name it, you can match it!
The same goes for earrings, as you can now find pairs that are already designed to be mismatched or you can combine those you already own. Ruffled, glam, glitzy or matte, sky’s the limit when it comes to this summer’s swimwear combos.

4 - Beach Bohemia

Not only is the boho style the ultimate summer trend this (and almost every other) season, but it’s also the single best way to express your free-spirited persona in a vivid, versatile way every time. Even if you’re a boho-only girl, you can have a unique, but recognisable outfit every time you walk to the beach. The trick is in having a couple of patterned swimsuits with florals and retro stripes, and matching them with the right details!
Rich baubles with unrefined stones, layered bracelets and anklets, delicate rings with motifs from nature, mixing shapes and vibrant colours as well as fun textures are the essence of boho. Loosely knitted long dresses, flowy floral skirts, wooden details such as beads and embroidered Greek sandals can complete your look perfectly.

5 - Find Your Figure
From the right eyewear to match the shape of your face, all the way to choosing the funny flip flops or platform boho sandals, there can be a myriad of ways to flatter your figure and attract attention to your most attractive features. Thanks to makeup with sun protection and waterproof lipsticks, you can now create a whole selection of unique looks for the beach.
The world has gone insane for the retro aviators and the futuristic oversized shades, but you can also try those cat-eyed frames and flirty shades of baby pink, blue or red. Have that hourglass figure? A one-piece or a high-waisted bikini will look amazing on you. Smaller chest? Ruffles or padding can help. But most importantly, find what’s comfortable and what you’ll wear with a smile!

This is a guest blog post by Claire in Australia

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