21 July 2017

13 Reason's Why, Blogging & Instagram

13 Reasons Why, Blogging & Instagram
13 Reason's Why, Blogging & Instagram

So it's a Friday night and it's currently 8:30pm and I am already laying in bed on the laptop and watching television as I feel completely drained and have no energy whatsoever! So thought I would do a bit of a rambling blog post catching up with a few things for you to have a read of, ain't done one in ages so why not haha.


I gave myself a week off from doing any sort of blogging, even though I told myself I was gonna blog every 3-4 days in July. It got to the point where everything I was writing just wasn't making no sense at all, so I wasn't going to post something just for the sake of it. Although I did take a few photo's for Instagram and the odd one for future blog posts.


I've really been learning how to take better photo's with my camera these past few weeks and am really liking how some of my photo's are turning out and not even needing that much editing once they are transferred to my computer. I think this is because i am learning and finding out so much more with doing a Digital Photography Course and it's making me learn how to use my camera in manual and not the automatic settings.


I've recently started watching "13 Reasons Why" after hearing quite a lot about it, and at the moment I'm 4 episode's into it and I'm still not sure if I actually like it or not?! For those that have watched it, please tell me it gets better.....or am I just wasting my time on it?
I've also finally caught up on Pretty Little Liars and in a way I'm actually glad that it has finished now, as me personally i think they done all they could with that show, and it was getting to the point where some bits where just being repeated but with different people.


I have really been loving Instagram just lately and have been focusing on posting on there more regularly and also using the Insta Stories to post a few bits aswell. I'm really working on this social media platform and trying to grow and interact with more people on there. I found a few new blogs to read through Instagram aswell as some new people to follow whose Instagram feeds I absolutely love!

Hope you enjoyed having a little read of this, it is now 11:50pm and I have only just finished writing this up haha....I'm now off to catch up on watching Neighbours and Home & Away and whatever else I have recorded on the sky box!


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