6 June 2017

The Ultimate Guide to Becoming a Fashion Influencer

The Ultimate Guide to Becoming a Fashion Influencer

In case you haven’t noticed (but you probably have if you’ve been following fashion at all) is that for a while now we’ve been going through a very fresh, innovative fashion haze. Namely, while various brands still dominate the fashion scene and somewhat dictate the foundation of all-things-fashion, they’re no longer blindly followed in their core form nor they are copied as much. The off-the-runway look is to be seen on Red Carpets, Met Galas and other celebrity events but – when it comes to behind-the-camera people (yes, us), things are entering a very exciting, experimental zone with a lot of unusual takes to what’s considered a trend.

Still, that’s not the only thing that’s happening. All of a sudden, we have a multitude of self-proclaimed fashionistas who are looking into launching their labels and turning their personal styles into brands. Unfortunately, (for them) not all fashionistas can be given a turn. To stand out from the pack you not only need to have a one-of-a-kind sartorial sense but a sharp business acumen, too.
If you’re a fashion lover looking to get ahead by promoting her style and stand out, here are a few tips to follow.

Go quirky on your stripes

It’s no secret that one of our favorite fashion trends for 2017 are stripes! We’ve seen them in virtually every size, color, shape, and form and we went absolutely crazy over them! There was an array of both broad bands and skinny hypnotic stripes, those ripped from weathered lounge chairs, beach umbrellas, and Nantucket awnings, and they all looked splendid.
Now, to avoid the “stripy sameness” everyone will be forcing, make sure you stand out by adding a twist to your stripes. For instance, pair vintage or sporty elements with base stripes and give them a fresh touch. A simple pairing of Adidas bottoms and a fitted stripe shirt can do wonders! Also, don’t be afraid to combine stripe on stripe and juxtapose different stripe colors or sizes. A bell stripe pant and a looser stripe top will look adorably chic but edgy at the same time. Add statement sunglasses to the mix and you are ready to go! For those of you who are more on the serious side, embrace Wall Street inspired stripes – tinkered and tweaked. They’ll work perfectly for your Seventh Avenue strut.

Channel your one-shoulder drama

The craze for off the shoulders and one shoulder cutouts is on, and we’re absolutely positive 2017 is going to be all about that! Now, since these types of cutouts are already a statement in itself, there isn’t much to do apart from wearing it elegantly so it stands out. Sure, you can wear the tops with jeans and skirts and whatnot… but the real deal is wearing a bodycon or a flowy dress with shoulder cutouts. Preferably, the dress should be ankle-length and if you treat it to a 2017 preferred patterns like stripes, florals and quotable graphics, you are on! The brilliant twist is that you can design them yourself and have them tailored or order your pick from a variety of dresses online that are absolutely magnificent!

Embrace all 50 shades of yellow

PicMonkey Collage.jpg
What goes without question is that this season is all about yellow (and other bold colors)! From Jason Wu and Delpozo to Erin Fetherston and Coach, everyone seems to have done at least a walk of yellow in their collections. Great news is that this yellow doesn’t have to be as in-your-face as you are thinking it. If you play it up denim, stripes, florals or other graphics, it’ll only keep its exciting element but stray from being “too much”. To keep your yellow exotic but give it an urban look pair it up with leather, oversized stripe shirts, interesting shoes or crazy haircuts. Yellow is already a statement in itself so make sure you keep things stimulating!

In the sea of trends, the most important thing in building your significant style is trying to stay unique. Browse carefully to follow your fashion instincts!

This is a guest blog post by Claire in Australia

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