18 June 2017

NOTW: Nail Of The Week

Barry M Nail Varnishes
Another week gone by and I've decided to change the colour of my nails again, I'm finally getting round to doing more nail related posts here on Nail-Beauty-Life. I'm currently awaiting a delivery of nail tips, so there will be Acrylic nail related posts coming soon aswell!

This week's nail colour is another one by the Barry M brand, and its in this gorgeous dusky pink colour called Freestyle. As usual I always start with a base coat on my nails to protect my nails from any staining from the coloured nail varnish, I then done 2 coats of the "Freestyle" colour waiting about 1 minute in between each coat. I then finish it off with the Barry M topcoat (as seen in pic).

Nail Of The Week

Once I've left the topcoat to dry for about 1 minute, I then spray about 2-3 sprays of Liquid Freeze Quick Dry Spray over the nails to dry them quicker (I got this from Avon, but don't think they do it anymore). I have found that by using this spray over my nails that they completely dry within about 1-2 minutes at the most.

Liquid Freeze Quick Dry Spray

Freestyle Nails

And this is the final result once they are all dry, I am loving this colour at the moment and can definitely see myself wearing this again over the next few weeks!

If your interested I am currently selling all of my Loreal Nail Varnishes over on my Depop page, all of them have only been used a handful of times. 


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