1 May 2017

So I Failed By ? Points...

Theory Test Fail

As you have probably already guessed by the title of this blog post.....I failed my theory test, by 3 points! 
Not majorly though but it was still a fail, I kind of kept it a secret as to when my actual test was, in fact apart from 4 people nobody else actually knew!

I had my theory test booked in for the 31st March at 12:00pm.....but I nearly didn't make it there on time. I originally thought I had booked it in for 12:30pm and it wasn't until we was sitting in sainsbury's car park that I for some unknown reason, double checked the time and it was actually 12:00pm.

Luckily I got there on time to sit my Theory Test with about 5 minutes to spare, I had already gone into the room telling myself that I was gonna fail anyway so I wouldn't be too disappointed when I actually did fail....and if I did pass then that was just a bonus haha.

On the Theory Test question part you need to get 43 correct answers out of 50 and on the Hazard Perception part you need to get at least 44 out of a possible 75. So how did I score I bet you're wondering?

Multiple Choice I scored 42 out of 50
Hazard Perception I scored 42 out of 75

So I literally did only just fail it! Now that my sisters wedding is all done with, I'm thinking of booking it again a month in advance like last time so that it gives me the whole month to revise for it. 

Hopefully next time my nerves won't get the better of me, and I will be able to get those extra 3 points.


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