29 May 2017

NOTW: Nail Of The Week

 Barry M - Road Rage

With the summer weather showing itself more and more everyday this is where I find I get the most use out of all my nail varnishes, as I love nothing more than a nice summery colour painted onto my nails.

This weeks NOTW:Nail Of The Week is in the colour Road Rage by the brand Barry M, I'm a big fan of the nail varnishes by Barry M especially these Speedy Quick Dry ones. The drying time on them is so quick which is a good thing when you have loads of stuff to do and don't want to wait half hour for your nails to dry to stop you smudging them.

Road Rage - Barry M

This colour is a sort of minty green colour and is perfect for those who don't like a full on green colour, like a bright green or a dark green on there nails. To me this colour really reminds me of mint choc chip ice-cream (or is that because I really want ice-cream at this moment in time haha).

I had this nail varnish on for about a week before it started to chip off of my nails, but to be fair it would of probably lasted longer if I wasn't painting last week and constantly having to wash my hands.

Road Rage

Hopefully now that the nicer weather is here there will be quite a few nail post's going up over the next few weeks, as I'm on a misson to start using some of my nail varnishes before buying any new ones.

I'm also thinking about selling all my Loreal nail varnishes as a bundle....so be sure to keep a look out on my Depop page for those if it's something you would be interested in.


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