13 May 2017

Currently Burning....Or Not!

Bomb Cosmetics - Baby Powder

Every few months or so, I tend to do a blog post sharing with you what candle I am currently burning and what it's called. This month though I purchased a candle from Bomb Cosmetics and it's that cute I don't think I will be lighting it anytime soon haha!

I chose this candle in the scent Baby Powder as I love the smell of normal baby powder, plus it reminds me of newborn babies. I only opened the lid on the box this candle was in and was instantly hit by the amazing smell and I'm still in awe of how cute it looks, it's mad to think that the whole thing is made of wax right down to the finest details.

I've added a couple of photo's below just to show you up close how much detail has gone into the candle.

As you can see the detailing is even down to the 4 little holes in the button, and you also have the swirls in the white to make it look like ice cream or just cream on top of it.

I can't wait to hopefully get some of the other candles in this range as they will sit nicely on my shelf purely just for decoration, as at this moment in time there is no way I will be putting a light near these unless I really need to!


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