3 May 2017

Contour, Bronze & Highlight

Contour, Bronze, Highlight

The 3in1 Product:
3 Shades to Sculpt  + Define Features

Ever find that one product that you just fall in love with, no matter how expensive or even how cheap it was? 
Well that is me when it comes to the above product!

This contour kit is by the brand PS... which most of you will probably already know is sold in Primark's. It was originally first priced at just £4.00 but then had those lovely reduced stickers everyone loves (or at least I love as I do love a bargain!) and they were reduced down to just £2.00!

In the little black palette there is a decent sized mirror on one side, and then the 3 colour's on the other side which are your Contour, Bronze and also a Highlight. This product also comes with a little contouring brush which I personally think works really well and is also soft to the touch aswell.

Contour, Bronze & Highlight

As you can see in the above pictures all the colours blend really well together, in the first picture from bottom to top is just swatches of them starting with the contour then the bronze and lastly the highlight. Then in the second picture is all three blended together which they do nicely, could of maybe added a bit more highlight into the swatch but it does work nicely and gives a nice highlight when on the face.

Have you tried anything from the beauty section in Primark?
If so what is your favourite product, let me know in the comment section below :-)


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