24 April 2017

iPhone Photo Diary #5

iPhone Photo Diary

Another month = Another iPhone Photo Diary

1- The first photo in this iPhone Photo Diary is all my bridesmaid bits that I got from my sisters hen night aswell as the actual wedding. The bridesmaid sash and wine decoration was given to me on the actual hen do and the bouquet, necklace, name card and little chocolates were all from the actual wedding. I took a photo of it all like this so I could print it out and put it up on my memory board in the bedroom, as obviously I couldn't hang all that up on my wall separately haha

2- This photo was the morning of the wedding and I was getting my nephew dressed into he's suit, he looked absolutely gorgeous in it. My hair and makeup had already been done and all I needed to do was to get into my bridesmaid dress, can't wait for all the photo's from the actual photographer to come back to see what ones he took of us all.

3- I loved how my hair was done on the day by the hairdresser, this is how all us bridesmaids had how hair done.....and I so wish I could do this on my hair myself as I think I would do it like this most days to be honest haha

4- One of my niece's favourite things to do is to go and feed the swans, she loved doing this when I lived in Newport, South Wales and we would do this everyday when she was down staying with us. Now we always go over to Southmere Lake to feed the swans and she's getting a lot braver and will now let them take the bread out of her hand.

5- A few weeks ago now, my cat Gizmo went missing for 3 days which isn't like her at all! Where she is getting old now all she usually does is goes out, does what she needs to do and then comes home 10 minutes later. We thought she had been killed or something when she didn't return home, then on the 3rd night I went downstairs to find her asleep on the sofa but in pain. A trip to the vets confirmed she had been hit by a car and had a possible broken jaw, she spent 3 days in the vets until she was well enough to come home and now she is back to her normal self. i would have been devastated if anything had happened to her!

6- How nice has the weather been getting just lately, anything other than rain is good though haha. On this particular day there wasn't a cloud in the sky to be seen and the sun was shining bright, We so need more days like this soon!

7- I finally got enough points on SurveyMini to redeem them for a £25 gift card for Nando's, so once I had received my gift card in the post which took about 4 days we decided to go. There was 5 of us in total but on my gift card between me and my mum we got one of the platters between us along with refillable drinks. I love Nando's but can only handle the lemon and herb chicken as I don't do spicy food at all!

8- Then we have breakfast, and on this particular day we went to The Falcon Harvester in Eltham. There food is so nice there and there is always a range of food available, on this occasion I went for the buttermilk chicken, waffles, bacon and maple syrup and my god it was AMAZING!  It did come out alot bigger then expected so I only managed to eat half of it, but I would definitely get it again next time I go there.


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