16 March 2017

Bourjois Happy Light Matt Primer

Until recently I can honestly say I had never tried a primer before until I purchased this one a few weeks ago.....I  bet your shocked right?!  I just never felt the need for one, or really understood why people used it. So I thought I would purchase one to try it out and see what all the fuss was about!

Bourjois Happy Light Matt Primer

I decided on buying this primer by Bourjois, I think I was sucked in by the description of it as I liked the sound of it. On the bottle it says it "mattifies the complexion in any light" and "airbrush action minimises pores", and who isn't gonna love a product that says its going to do that.

The first day trying it i loved how soft it made my skin felt and it definitely kept my skin feeling and looking matte throughout the day, and if like me you suffer with oily skin you will know that having a matte texture all day long is better than getting half way through the day and feeling like your skin is all oily.

So all in all, my first impression of this was pretty good I would say and I did wonder what I ever did without using a primer all of these years until now. However this was until 2 weeks later then everything changed including my opinion of this product!

After 2 weeks, my skin started breaking out really bad around the area's I had been using it, which was my T-Zone area, my cheeks and my chin aswell. At first I just thought it was hormonal breakouts, but I soon realised it wasn't as this felt different and really sore and were getting worse.

I've since stopped using the product just to see if it's the primer that was the problem and my skin has already started to clear up slowly, so I now know for sure it was that what was caused the breakouts.

I really want to try another primer as I loved how this kept the oily'ness of my skin under control throughout the day but I'm unsure now as to what one to try next!

Are there any primers that you would recommend me to try?
If so then please do let me know in the comments below, so I can have a read up on some of them.


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