3 February 2017

NOTW: Nail Of The Week

Academy Of Colour

This week's nail colour is this gorgeous classic red colour by the brand Academy Of Colour, and if you read my last "NOTW: Nail Of The Week" blog post on the 14th January you may have already notice that this is a gel format I'm using, that has to be cured under a UV light.

But first let me update you on how long the gel polish from the last nail blog post lasted. So I applied the light brown colour on the 14th January and it lasted right up until the 30th January, and that was only because I personally took it off as my nails had grown and needed redoing.
So it did what it said and lasted the 2 weeks!

So as I said before, I went for the classic red gel colour this time as everyone loves a red nail! But I also added a glitter accent nail aswell for a slight shimmer on one nail, but don't be fooled into thinking it's a glitter nail polish because it isn't....infact it's actually a eye shimmer pot in the colour "Snow Day" by Tanya Burr

Tanya Burr - Snow Day

I basically done my nails as I usually would but before adding the gel top coat to my accent nail, I done one layer of the red and cured that under the UV light for 60 seconds, then dabbed some of the eye shimmer powder on to the nail with a small brush. then cured it under the UV light for another 60 seconds. Then finally added the gel top coat over the top and cured that for 60 seconds aswell.

So far I've had quite a few compliments on how my nails look and asked where I got them done aswell.....and my answer "I did them.....the joys of being a nail tech"


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