27 February 2017

Currently Burning.....

I last done one of these post's back in October 2016 and have had that particular candle twice more since that blog post, if your interested in reading that blog post you can do so by clicking here.

Now that I'm finally burning a different candle scent, I thought it was time for another one of these blog posts. I've acquired quite a few candles since Christmas so I'm sure there will be a few more of these post's in the near future!

Victoria Meredith Candles


22 February 2017

Feel Unique - Pick 'n' Mix

Ever wondered how you can get 5 beauty sample's of your choice each month for just £3.95? If the answer to that is a yes, then keep on reading to find out how to get just that!

Feel Unique - Pick 'n' Mix

17 February 2017

Simple - Deep Cleansing Face Mask

Just lately I've been getting quite a few breakouts on my nose and chin area, I think these are either just hormonal breakouts or due to stress related.....Damn you breakouts, making you feel even more crap than usual! So every now and then I like to use a face mask that I know won't be to harsh on my skin, as I do suffer with sensitive skin and the slightest thing can set the sensitivity off.

Deep Cleansing Face Mask


12 February 2017

The Want But Don't Need List....

The Candle Edition

I thought I would do something different today and instead of doing a wish list type of a post, I would do a list of things that I want but don't necessarily need. To start these kind of post's off I'm doing a "Candle Edition" as my first one.
Zoella Candles

Zoella Candle's - Lazy Days, Gingerbread Village & Daisy Picking

3 February 2017

NOTW: Nail Of The Week

Academy Of Colour

This week's nail colour is this gorgeous classic red colour by the brand Academy Of Colour, and if you read my last "NOTW: Nail Of The Week" blog post on the 14th January you may have already notice that this is a gel format I'm using, that has to be cured under a UV light.
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