16 January 2017

NOTW: Nail Of The Week

Academy Of Colour

Well hello there nail varnishes, It's been a while since I used any of you since November 2016 in my Model's Own blog post!

So for Christmas I received this "Academy Of Colour" gel nails set from my mum, so I thought I would give it a try and see what it was like considering I haven't done anything to my nails in a while....apart from a coat of clear varnish. The only downside to it, is it doesn't tell you anywhere on the box what shade the 2 colours are called that are supplied with it, it's basically just a really light brown colour aswell as a red one.


I decided to go for the really light brown colour for now, just to see how easy it was to apply and how many coats was needed to achieve the full colour. I did find though that I needed to do my little finger and my thumb separate to the other 3 fingers, as otherwise the gel base coat would start to run towards the cuticles and overflow the nail!

Gel Nails

The gel nail polish is supposed to last for 2 full weeks and I'm only on day 2 of it and so far, so good! I will keep you updated on how it lasts though. But all in all I'm really impressed with the overall look of them and how well they applied, only 1 coat was needed to get the full colour!


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