1 January 2017

Blogging Goals 2017

Bloggers Gonna Blog

First off I want to start by saying Happy New Year to all of you who are reading this, I hope you had a lovely time with however you chose to celebrate it!

I thought I would start 2017 blog post's off with my list of blogging goals for the year. I've gone for one's that are more realistic for me to achieve rather than one's I know for a fact I could never complete.......so here they are.

Post More Often...

I really want to try and get back into posting 3 times a week, as I enjoyed putting up content on a regular basis. The last few month's though I have had what you would call "bloggers block", I could literally sit at the iMac for a couple of hours and only have written 1 line and nothing else!
Which meant blogging kind of took a back seat in the last few month's of 2016, as I didn't want to post something just for the sake of it.

Improve Photography...

I have had my new camera for quite a few months now and I'm really struggling with the settings on it at the moment, one minute pictures will come out really nice and then the next minute they constantly come out looking really blurry. So I'm gonna really take my time and look up tutorials online and tips & tricks for my camera over the next few weeks. The camera I have is the Canon Rebel T1i.

Comment On More Blogs...

I won't lie, I completely suck at doing this! I'm always reading blogs through BlogLovin' and  discovering new blogs, but I completely fail at leaving comments on certain blog post's that I love. So my mission for this year is to comment on at least 5-10 blogs every week!

Grow My BlogLovin'...

I have always struggled with this social media account of mine and being able to grow it, I've never really been one to care about numbers or followers, but when I set the BlogLovin' account up my goal was to get 100 followers within a year. I've only managed to get 85 so far.....so close but yet so far haha.

Improve Instagram Account...

I have always had a love/hate relationship when it comes to Instagram and if you've been a reader of my blog for some time now, you will have already seen the blog post Instagram: Love/Hate Relationship and what I think of it!
This year I am on a misson to post more frequently on Instagram and to also find a way to edit my photo's in a way that I love and will not get sick of after about 5 pictures. If you would like to check my Instagram out you can do so by clicking here

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