30 January 2017

Monday Moments #3

I have decided to bring back my "Monday Moments" blog series this year, and hopefully I will manage to stick to it this time round! I'm thinking of maybe doing either 1 a month or 2 a month.....I have yet to decide on that one though.

These post's are just basically to let you know what things I've been listening to, looking forward to, using, whats on my wishlist, aswell as 5 blogs that I'm currently loving at the moment.

So here goes:

26 January 2017

Favourite Skincare Products

Soap & Glory Skincare

Since December I've really been trying to get into a skincare routine, one that I could actually stick to without it feeling like it was a chore every night.


18 January 2017

Free Printable: Habit Tracker

Bullet Journal: Free Printable

I've been wanting to share a free printable on my blog for sometime now, but didn't know exactly what kind of printable I wanted to make until now!

I'm a big fan of using a Bullet Journal and have been using this system for well over a year now to keep track of everything that I need to do. Every month I always add a monthly habit tracker into it, to make sure I keep up to date with everything that I'm trying to do.


16 January 2017

NOTW: Nail Of The Week

Academy Of Colour

Well hello there nail varnishes, It's been a while since I used any of you since November 2016 in my Model's Own blog post!

11 January 2017

Depop Sale

Depop Sale

I have recently decided to start selling a few of the things that I've either never used, never worn or have only ever been swatched on the back of my hand.

10 January 2017

Face Of The Day

Face Of The Day

I will not lie when I day some days just need to be kept simple, and for me that is most days.

So I thought I would share with you what I normally wear on a daily basis, it's nothing major and literally is the bare minimum!

7 January 2017

Keeping You Close To My Heart!

Heart Locket

I thought I would do a bit of a personal blog post to share with you today, and show you one of the presents that I got off of my mum for Christmas.

She brought me this gorgeous silver heart locket necklace which opens up so you can add 2 little photos on the inside of it. On Boxing Day I had 2 photo's put in it and it hasn't come off of my neck since (well, except when I have a bath/shower of course ha-ha).


1 January 2017

Blogging Goals 2017

Bloggers Gonna Blog

First off I want to start by saying Happy New Year to all of you who are reading this, I hope you had a lovely time with however you chose to celebrate it!

I thought I would start 2017 blog post's off with my list of blogging goals for the year. I've gone for one's that are more realistic for me to achieve rather than one's I know for a fact I could never complete.......so here they are.
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