17 December 2016

Tanya Burr: Days 4 To 12

First off I feel that I should apologise for not sticking to my "Tanya Burrs: 12 Days Of Christmas" blog post's, as I was going to be posting everyday for 12 days whilst opening up that particular advent calender.
Tanya Burr Cosmetics

If you read my post Living With Severe Migraines than you may have an idea as to why those blog post's never happened! The past week I have been in so much pain it's unreal and if my headache faded I would get up to get some bits done, but after half hour the pain would come back 10 times worse.

So for today's blog post, I am just gonna go through everything that was in days 4 through to 12 in the "12 Days Of Christmas" advent calender, although the picture's wont all be in that particular order. This blog post is gonna contain quite a few photo's but do excuse the poor lighting in the photo's, I'm having a bit of trouble with the settings on my camera at the moment.

Tanya Burr Nail Varnishes
L - R: Glitters And Gold, Sleigh Bells, Glitter Rain

Behind day's 6, 11 and 12 of the beauty advent calender were these 3 gorgeous nail varnishes, and being a nail technician I love a new nail varnish. They are in the colours "Glitters And Gold", "Sleigh Bells" and "Glitter Rain" and will definitely come in use over the Christmas and New Year period as they are very festive colours with festive names to match.

Tanya Burr Eye Shimmer Pots
L - R: Champagne Sparkle & Snow Day
Behind days 4 and 8 of the beauty advent calender were these small eye shimmer pots in the colours "Champagne Sparkle" and "Snow Day". Inside the pots is dry glitter so you would need something to use with this for it to stay on the eyes properly. I won't be using these on my eyes but instead will be using the glitters in an acrylic nail design at some point, which I will be sure to share with you all on here aswell.

Tanya Burr Glitter Liners
L - R: Ice Crystals and Treasured
Behind day's 7 and 10 were these glitter liners in the colours "Ice Crystals" and "Treasured", me personally I'm not a fan of glitter liners so can't see myself using these anytime soon. They may appear over on my Depop account after Christmas, so if your interested in them at a reasonable price then be sure to keep checking my Depop account for when they go up.

Tanya Burr Lipgloss
L - R: Candy Cane,  Christmas Stocking and Berry Pavlova
Lastly behind day's 1, 5 and 9 were 2 lip gloss's and 1 matte lip, again I would probably only use the first one which is Candy Cane as it's not too bright of a colour as too what it looks like. To read the full blog post on that particular one, you can do so by clicking here. The other 2 colour's I won't use at all so these will also be appearing over on my Depop account after Christmas at a reasonable price.

To see what was behind day's 2 and 3 of the beauty advent calender, you can do so by clicking here and it will take you to the full blog post I did before my bad headaches kicked in.

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