5 December 2016

Favourite Christmas iPhone Wallpapers

If there's one thing I love doing than it's customising my iPhone wallpaper to something which is more like me instead of just the ones that already come loaded onto the iPhone.

So I thought I would share with you 6 of my favourite wallpapers with you :-)

I usually head over to Pinterest and usually end up browsing over on there for at least an hour, when I only intended to go on there for like 10 minutes haha. Does anyone else do that or is that just me?

I'm currently using image number four as my home/lock screen on my iPhone as I love how cute it looks and the little "oh deer" saying on it aswell. Although I am in need of a clear out on my iPhone soon as I keep getting that dreaded "out of storage" message keep popping up, which is driving me mad!


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