4 November 2016

Summer Twists For A Winter Wardrobe

Today's blog post is a guest post by Claire in Australia

Summer Twists for a Winter Wardrobe

Let’s talk fashion! Here in Oz I have to start thinking about my summer body and suffer the disappointment of not being able to rock some of the most interesting and unique fall trends in the fashion world at the moment. It’s called a Land Down Under for a reason. But don’t mind me whining – I’ll just have to be patient and wait for March. Still, I have a lot to share with you. Honestly, winters in Australia are pretty much like fall in Europe and the rest of the world, and since we Aussies have just said goodbye to winter recently, I wanted to share with you some fashion tips and tricks that would put your summer clothes to good use as well.

Keep the dresses

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When I say that you should keep your dresses within your reach, I don’t really mean all the dresses. Come on, would you really need a beach cover-up dress or a breezy light material for fall? No. I’ll trust you’ll be able to judge what materials and cuts can look good with fall accessories and keep you warm. Having said that, believe me when I say that there’s nothing that looks more girly, romantic and trendy than a proper mix of garments, especially when you use dresses for your outfits to do so. Basically, combine a dress with tights or leggings and even long-sleeve tops underneath. Of course, throw on a leather jacket, light coat or blazer when it gets colder.

Shorts and tights – definitely

Like dresses, don’t get rid of your shorts just yet. If you’ve ever seen Japanese street fashion, you’d know how cool and flattering the shorts-tights combo can look. Mid-thigh tights are perfect for this look and it miraculously combines both sexy and innocent vibe at the same time. Of course, go with stockings or leggings when it gets colder. I actually wore both stockings and leggings with my shorts when we had the lowest temperature in Oz. Just throwing it out there as a possibility for those of you experiencing some harsher fall weather. Of course, skirts can be styled in the same manner as dresses and shorts. So, keep an open mind and open wardrobe.

Basics for layering

This is an oldie but goodie. I sincerely hope that you already know the usefulness and practicality of a basic tee and countless layering combinations that you can make. And I mean countless. Only recently have I discovered how flatteringly gorgeous layered crop tops, oversized shirts and stylish formal playsuits can look when worn together. Of course, it all depends on what cut of playsuit you prefer to wear for your own body shape, but definitely try to mix it up a little. You’d be surprised at how many unique outfit looks you can pull off with the help of layering.

Everything’s better with comfy footwear

I know that it’s not just me, but I absolutely love boho style. And in my opinion, nothing says a boho fall look like a combination of summery shorts, dresses and skirts with tights and/or leggings and most importantly, gorgeous ankle or knee-high boots. And if you decide to create some earthy combinations by getting yourself brown, khaki or mustard booties with a bit of fringe going on – I hear you sister.

Glaze it all with accessories

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Jewelry is always easy to combine regardless of the season but when it comes to those beach scarves, don’t pack them away. I mean, why don’t they make big long scarves like that for other seasons but for summer only? Well, when I get these, I don’t use them only to cover my swimsuit. Having such a long scarf textured around your neck is a perfect fall accessory in my opinion. And, since I don’t like hats very much, I also use them as a head wrap when it’s really cold, as well as a belt when I want to spice up my otherwise plain outfit with color.
Do you have any other uses for your summer clothes during the fall season? I’d definitely love to hear them even though I’ll be welcoming summer in December. So not fair – but don’t worry, beaches and the ocean will definitely make things better for me soon enough.
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