29 November 2016

Staying gorgeous while traveling: Beauty Tips

When you travel long distance or overseas by airplane, automobile, or train, various conditions and constraints can affect your skin and hair. Unfortunately, travel and space restrictions will not permit you to take all your treasured beauty products on your trip. If you intend to go a holiday trip, here are some of the tips you should keep in mind.

Use multipurpose products
To make the best use of the limited space, take multipurpose beauty products. Pack a dry shampoo that can improve the texture and volume of your hair. What about taking a sunscreen that also serves as an effective face powder? You can also take a cream stain with a tint that may be used on your lips and cheeks. Some brands of these products already come in small and convenient travel sizes.

Put on a clear mask
Beauty experts recommend that you let your facial skin rest and avoid any serious form of makeup when you have to travel by air for many hours. So instead of allowing makeup to put your skin under strain in the dry air in the plane, you can apply a clear mask made from natural plant material. Using a mask that has moisturising agents will also help you to keep your facial skin hydrated until you get off the plane.

Apply a hair mask
Sitting in a train, bus or plane for long hours can create an undesirable flat spot at the back of your head. Although you can dampen the area with water and brush it when you get to your destination, a more effective solution will be to put on a hair mask just before the trip. Then you can pack your hair up with a top knot to prevent it from being flattened out. 

Repack your cosmetics
Some smart beauty product companies offer tiny packs for free or as a reward for a purchase. You should take advantage of these small sizes and take them on your trip. But if you don't have access to small packs, you should repackage your beauty treatment products into small bottles that will help you reduce weight and space. 

Avoid putting your hands on your face
One of the best ways to protect your facial skin from acne breakouts during your holiday is to keep your hands off your face. Touching your skin frequently can transfer bacteria that will produce skin problems when you return from your trip. When you need to apply makeup, dermatologists recommend that you use a hand sanitizer or antibacterial hand wash first to protect your skin.

Protect your makeup from melting
If you are going on a hiking or backpacking trip, you may end up walking in the sun for many hours. This could end up melting some of your makeup. For instance, your lip balm could easily turn into a thick liquid. To prevent this, you should store it in a cool dry place or in a refrigerator.

On your next trip, you should try applying some of these beauty tips, work on protecting your skin, and keeping it looking radiant. Combine these with a good diet and proper hydration to ensure that you look good when you return home.

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