Models Own: Colour Chrome

10 November 2016

Models Own Nail Varnish

A couple of weeks ago now, I did a little bit of online shopping over on the Superdrug website and decided to buy myself some new nail varnishes as you can never have too many!

I spotted these colour chrome one's by the brand Models own and knew straight away that I needed to have them just because I loved the packaging haha. It also just happened they were on special offer of Buy One Get 2nd Half Price so I thought why not?!

There was quite a range of these Models Own colours but I decided just to stick to 4, and them being colours that I knew I would get use out of over the Christmas season.

The 4 colours I chose were: 

I've never owned any nail varnishes by Model's Own before, but I can definitely see myself purchasing all the other colour chrome one's probably after Christmas now as I am loving them.

I'm currently wearing the Chrome Red colour and so far it hasn't chipped at all, which I think is brilliant as there's nothing worse than wearing chipped nail varnish haha. I always end up sitting there picking at it if it even chips a tiny bit which drives me mad.

Models Own Colour Chrome

As always I always make sure to protect my nails from colour staining by always making sure I apply a clear base coat before anything else. This is something I recommend anyone to do and is one of the first things I learnt throughout my nail technician course a few years ago.

It's always a good idea to also apply a good top coat to help your nail varnish last that little bit longer, I myself usually use a gel top coat to not only make it last longer but to also help with a added shine.

I have inserted a picture below of what all the colours will look like once they have been applied, on each one of these they all had 3 coats each to get the full colour effect on them. But as always it's entirely your decision on how many coats of it you choose to apply.

Models Own

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