Rimmel: Super Gel Nails

22 October 2016

Gel Nail Varnishes

First off let me just start by saying how good it feels to have my nails done again! It's been absolutely ages since I last done anything with my nails, but my love for anything to do with nails has never gone away.

I recently done an online shop through the Superdrug's website as I wanted to get some new nail varnishes, and they had the Rimmel Super Gel sets down to half price from £9.99 to just £5.00. So I decided to purchase 2 of the sets just to test them out, as being a nail technician gel nails ain't gel nails unless they are cured under a UV lamp in my opinion.

Rimmel Super Gel

Rimmel Gel Top Coat

The first set that I ordered was the colour "Rock N Roll" which is this gorgeous red colour and perfect for the Autumn season.....and the Christmas season aswell. It says to add 2 coats of the red before then adding 1 coat of the gel top coat over the top, the gel top coat comes in the pack with the "Rock N Roll" so there's no need to purchase it separately which I think is good.

The consistency of the Super Gel really took me by surprise as I was half expecting it to be quite a thin consistency but it wasn't, it was the correct thickness to me of what a gel polish should look like. I also found it really easy to apply and it didn't go in the slightest bit streaky like I expected it to aswell.

Rimmel Gel Nails

Rock N Roll

This claims to have results of up to 14 days of gel colour and shine, I'm on day 2 so far and none of them have chipped or lost there shine at all which I'm happy about. I use my hands quite a lot during the day as I look after my nephew Monday to Friday whilst my sister and brother-in-law are at work, so I'm constantly doing stuff with him and cleaning so my hands do go through quite a bit haha.

I have already got another 1 of these "Super Gel" kits in the shade "Soul Session" which I am looking forward to trying out next, and can definitely see myself purchasing a few more of these Super Gels in different colours.

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