24 October 2016

Learning To Drive At 30

Learning To Drive

So I've finally the biggest step of all for me and that is learning how to drive. It's something I've always wanted to do, but just never had the confidence to actually do it.......damn you Social Anxiety!

I had my first driving lesson on the 11th October and I absolutely loved it! I decided to wait until my sister was qualified as a driving instructor as I knew I would feel comfortable in the car with her, and to be honest I'd rather pay her to teach me how to drive then some random stranger haha.

I was originally planning on learning how to drive manual, but I'm now doing automatic instead and this is just for 2 reasons really, which are:
- I think automatic will be quicker to learn and get me passed quicker.
- My driving instructor also happens to be my sister, and the car she's teaching in is an automatic.

I've already purchased the DVD and Highway Code book, to help me learn all the signs and rules of the road (most of which I already know anyway). So I'm hoping that with the help of these I will be able to pass my driving test first time when I eventually am ready for it.

I can't wait for my next lesson which I already have booked in with my driving instructor, as after my first lesson even though it was only for 1 hour, I may have picked up the driving bug already lol.

Are there any tips you would recommend to me whilst learning to drive?
What was you like on your first lesson?

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