31 October 2016

Currently Burning.....

Marshmallow Fireside
It's no secret that I love a nice candle, It's also no secret that I refuse point blank to pay loads of money for 1 candle just to burn it.......if I'm paying over £10.00 for a candle then you my dear are staying there purely for decoration purpose's and to look pretty!

B&M, Primark's and Wilkinson's are my favourite place's to buy candles from as they have a variety of gorgeous smelling candles at really affordable prices. During the month of October my favourite candle that I've burning was just £2.99 from B&M and it's in the scent "Marshmallow Fireside", a proper autumnal scent which smells gorgeous.

Marshmallow Fireside Candle
The scent of this candle is kind of like a wood/fire smell which is perfect for this time of the year, It kind of reminds me of when I lived in Wales and a few of the houses where I lived used to have wood burners going in the Autumn/Winter months.....best smell ever!

I'm definitely gonna be stocking up on a few more of these candles before they stop selling them, as I'm just over halfway through burning this one where I always have it lit during the day and sometimes at night up in the bedroom.
The packaging of these candles also really reminds me of the ones from Bath & Body Works, which unfortunately I don't think we can get in the UK which is a shame.


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