9 October 2016

Bath Bombs By Beautifully Scrumptious

There's nothing better than a nice hot bath when your feeling a bit run down and just generally feeling like crap, and a nice bath bomb added into the bath makes everything that little bit better....and smelling lovely aswell of course.

I must be the only person though who has never once tried any of the LUSH bath bombs, don't get me wrong I love the sound of all of them but have still yet to try any of them out.

I picked this one up whilst I was out getting a few bits and loved the smell of it as you could instantly smell it through the top of the packaging so of course I brought it along with 2 other bath bombs aswell (those you will see in future blog posts). This one had a gorgeous Vanilla scent to it with the added touch of rose petals that filled the bath once it had fully dissolved in the water.

Bath Bomb In Mid-Explosion
Now me being me I thought it would dissolved and some normal sized rose petals would be left floating on top of the water haha but nope, it was more like tiny pieces of dried rose petals throughout the whole bath bomb. Don't get me wrong it was still a nice bath bomb but seriously trying to get rid of those petals after took ages lol.

I liked the fact that it only took a couple of minutes to fully dissolve and before I got in to enjoy my nice bath I made sure to mix the water around with my hand so it wasn't all in the place it had dissolved.

This particular bath bomb only cost me £1 in the poundshop and is by a brand called Beautifully Scrumptious, it's a brand I have never heard of before but I will definitely be on the look out for more bath bombs by this brand as they are well worth that £1 price tag.

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