20 September 2016

Instagram: Love/Hate Relationship

I have always had a love/hate relationship when it comes to Instagram and having a "theme" on my Instagram account, one minute I will love it and then the next I will hate the way it looks.

I sometimes have some really nice pictures that I think would be nice to share on Instagram but then I always remember that they "won't fit my theme" therefore I won't post it or it will get posted over on my personal Instagram account. My most recent theme is a sort of dark/moody related theme as I thought it would fit in nicely with the autumn season....how wrong was I though because after about 10 pictures I decided I hated it!

I will leave a picture of my current theme below for you to have a look at, just so you know what I mean by the dark/moody look.

My aim for my Instagram account now is just to have a light and white theme that doesn't have a limit as to what I can or can't post if that makes sense?!

I really wanna do love Instagram again but I hate the fact that they are making it to be way too much like Snapchat just lately and although I do like Snapchat it's not what I wanna see when I open up my Instagram app on my iPhone!

What are your views on Instagram Themes?

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